Quantum Leap Associates, Inc.

C O M P A N Y   P H I L O S O P H Y

We have all seen this too many problems, and not enough staff to address them all. A critical project is due shortly, and the key staff members were just re-assigned. You only had one specialist who understood how to run the system, and he just took another job (then you find out he never wrote anything down). Your organization needs technical support, but the users are tired of being subjected to the inflated egos of some computer technicians that never learned to communicate pleasantly in English.

Quantum Leap Associates, Inc. prides itself on the following 7 qualities of service:

  1. Thoroughness
  2. Quality, of a world class stature
  3. Ownership and Accountability
  4. Integrity & Honesty
  5. Professionalism
  6. Excellent Communication Skills
  7. Human Dealings of the Highest Caliber

It is our belief, that if a project or business relationship cannot be launched without a foundation in these basic tenets, it is not worth starting at all.

When a task cannot be satisfied (either due to scheduling conflicts or expertise beyond our internal capabilities), we can partner with a number of other consulting firms or technical experts to still provide your organization with a successful solution.

Partnering with both your users and vendors, we can help you resolve current problems, reduce cycle time or institute new processes, all while reducing future expenses.

Quantum Leap Associates, Inc. specializes in providing a full range of CAD or CAE System Administration, Technical Support and Consulting Services needs, from the small half-day project to long term, full-time assignments. We can augment the technical staff you already have, or provide assistance you never had.

The company's initial, passionate mission was to provide world class technical support services to the myriad number of small to mid-size companies that might not have been able to afford the resources that a huge, international firm could support. The mission has not changed.